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The Consortium Steering Committee (the Steering Committee) is charged with oversight of the Consortium. This includes assessing progress and implementing any changes in direction of the Consortium, determining membership in the Consortium, and evaluating progress and direction of the individual components of the Consortium. The Steering Committee will be chaired by Ruggero Pardi (Milan, IT) and co-chaired by Anne Ridley (London, UK) and will be comprised of the Principal Investigators (replaced by their Co-Investigators if necessary), and of the Local Institutional Coordinators, whenever they are not charged with direct responsibility as Principal Investigators. Ruggero Pardi has extensive experience as coordinator of EU-supported research initiatives (BMH4-CT95-0875: “Functional and molecular correlates of endothelial cell injury: COED”, 1997-1999, Coordinator: R. Pardi; QLRT-CT-1999-01036: “Signal Transduction pathways in leukocyte transendothelial migration: SILENT, 1999-2001, Coordinator: R. Pardi), and will devote a major effort to the overall supervision of the Consortium activities. The Steering Committee will meet twice a year to review the overall progress of the Consortium as a whole, discuss resource allocation for the next year, and address any other issues relating to the goals and/or objectives of the Consortium. One meeting will be held in conjunction with a meeting of the External Advisory Committee (see below), as a part of the Annual MAIN Consortium Retreat and will be devoted exclusively to assessment of Consortium progress. Other meetings of the Steering Committee will utilize video conferencing. The two formal meetings of the Steering Committee will be announced one year in advance and all members of the Steering Committee will be expected to attend/participate. In addition to the two formal meetings of the Steering Committee, it is anticipated that this group will meet periodically, as needed, via video conferencing, to address any important scientific and administrative matters. The two yearly meetings of the Steering Committee will be attended by the Managing Director of the Administration Core (see below), who will report on the budgetary and administrative issues of the Consortium. The Consortium will organize one major scientific retreat every year (the MAIN Retreat), for the appraisal of scientific and technological advancements made by the Consortium investigators. To this aim, the Consortium will use the premises and the organizational skills of the Congress Center coordinated by the Administration Core Management Organization (see below). All researchers and graduate students will be encouraged to attend. The meeting will be thoroughly advertised, and applicants from outside the Consortium will be welcome. Additional scientific meetings will be organized in comjunction with the Cell Migration Consortium .