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Main-Noe Students Meeting - May 17-20th 2008, Certosa di Pontignano, Italy

MAIN Annual Conference, October 2007

MAIN LIC's Meeting, 9th March, 2007

MAIN Students' Meeting, 19th-22nd May, 2007

SEMM Workshop on Cell Migration: From Molecules to Organisms and Diseases

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.: External Advisory Board :.

The External Advisory Board (EAB) for MAIN has now been defined. The Board will be chaired by Dr R. A. Horwitz of the University of Virginia.

Additional EAB members are Dr. Zena Werb, University of California San Francisco, Dr. Keith Burridge, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Dr. Klaus Ley, University of Virginia.


Alan F.  "Rick" Horwitz  (Chair)                    WEB  
Zena Werb     WEB
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Klaus Ley WEB