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Main-Noe Students Meeting - May 17-20th 2008, Certosa di Pontignano, Italy

MAIN Annual Conference, October 2007

MAIN LIC's Meeting, 9th March, 2007

MAIN Students' Meeting, 19th-22nd May, 2007

SEMM Workshop on Cell Migration: From Molecules to Organisms and Diseases

MAIN Science News: Paper published on "A novel protein on cells of the blood vessel w

MAIN LIC's Meeting, 9th March, 2007
The next Local Institute Co-Ordinator's Meeting will take place on Friday 9th March at the Hotel Dei Cavalieri, Milan, Italy.
The meeting will be held from 9am-1pm followed by a quick post-meeting lunch.
Location: Hotel Dei Cavalieri
Piazza Missori 1
20123 Milano
Tel.: + 39 02 8857 287
Fax: + 39 02 8857 241
Nearest stations: MM3 Missori; MMI Duomo
Hotel Dei Cavalieri Location, please then click on “How to Reach Us”
The purpose of the meeting will be to first briefly discuss funding projects & restraining budgets.
The majority of the meeting will be devoted to an open discussion, led by Prof. Ruggero Pardi, on new regimes/financial provisions for Large Co-Operative Projects.